1. Brief

Beauty & the Sublime

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Beauty and The Sublime
Produce a series of 8 photographs that convey your own interpretation of beauty and/or the sublime within the context of landscape. You may choose to support, question or subvert accepted definitions of these terms.
Your images don’t necessarily have to be made in the same place or type of location; however, they should complement one another and attempt to function as a cohesive series.
Introduce your work with a supporting text (around 500 words ) that:
● Describes how you interpreted this brief.
● Describes how your work relates to aspects of photography and visual culture addressed in Part One.
● Evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your work, describing what you would have done differently or how you might develop this work further.
● Identifies what technical choices you made to help communicate your ideas, and also references relevant artists and photographers who have influenced the creative direction of your project.
● Explains your reasons for selecting particular views, and arriving at certain visual outcomes.
Send your work and your supporting text, as well as extracts from your learning log or link to your blog, to your tutor by the method you’ve agreed with them. Make sure that all your work is carefully labelled with your name, student number and the assignment number. You don’t need to wait for your tutor’s response before starting Part Two.
Reflection Task
Before you send this assignment to your tutor, take a look at the assessment criteria again. Reflect on how you think you are doing against the criteria and add notes to your learning log.

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