2. Brief

Landscape as Journey

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Produce a series of approximately 12 photographs that are made on, or explore the idea of, a journey through a landscape.

The journey that you undertake may be as long or as short as you like. You may choose to re- examine a familiar route, such as a commute to work or another routine activity, or it may be a journey into unfamiliar territory. You may like to apply some of the psychogeographic methods explored within part 2. Travel by any means available.

Introduce your work with a supporting text (around 500 words) that:

  • Describes how you interpreted this brief.
  • Describes how your work relates to aspects of photography and visual culture addressed in Part Two.
  • Evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your work, describing what you would have done differently or how you might develop this work further.
  • Identifies what technical choices you made to help communicate your ideas, and also references relevant artists and photographers who have influenced the creative direction of your project.
  • Considers which presentation method will best communicate the nature of your journey through the landscape to an audience.  
  • Explains your reasons for selecting particular views, and arriving at certain visual outcomes. How has the history of the landscape through which you travelled informed what you choose to photograph.
  • Send your work and your supporting text, as well as extracts from your learning log or link to your blog, to your tutor by the method you’ve agreed with them.

If you have any preliminary ideas about your critical review (Assignment Four), share these with your tutor now – or as soon as you feel ready. 

Make sure that all work is clearly labelled with your name, student number and the assignment number. You don’t need to wait for your tutor’s response before starting Part Three.


Just a reminder to look at the assessment criteria again. Think about how well you have done against the criteria and make notes in your learning log.

Submitting your work

If submitting files through this Assignment activity on OCA Learn, collate the relevant material and upload to this assignment. Be sure to Confirm your submission and accept the submission statement in order for it to be submitted.

If you use an online learning log for your assignments, please simply insert the URL for your learning log into the ‘Online Text’ box. If you use a typed or non web-based log or have an essay to submit, please do so via the document upload.  

If sending by post, put your name, student number and the part/exercise number on the back of all your prints and send them to your tutor together with relevant pages from your learning log or blog url. You must still submit through this online assignment with a note to your tutor in the provided text area indicating that you have sent your work physically.

Landscape, Place & Environment, p.93