3. Brief

Spaces to Palaces

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Within a series of up to 12 photographs, explore a landscape, or a small part of a landscape, which you believe to have some kind of significance. This may be a landscape with which you have a personal relationship, or it may be somewhere that is more widely known. You may wish to begin your research with your findings from the local history exercise (3.5).

The objective of this assignment is to engage with the question of how a ‘space’ becomes a ‘place’. Your project should put into practice the idea that a ‘place’ is a constructed, subjective term that, for whatever reason (political, industrial, mythological, environmental), is imposed upon, or becomes associated with, a particular ‘space’. This may be a very specific location, or it may be a more generic type of space.

You’re free to approach this project with whatever strategy you feel is appropriate to your subject matter.

Introduce your work with a supporting text (around 500 words), as in previous assignments.

Send your work and your supporting text, as well as extracts from your learning log or link to your blog, to your tutor by the method you have agreed with them.

You don’t need to wait for your tutor’s response before starting Part Four.


Don’t forget to look at the assessment criteria before you proceed. Assess the work you have produced against these criteria and make notes in your learning log.

Submitting your work

If submitting files through this Assignment activity on OCA Learn, collate the relevant material and upload to this assignment. Be sure to Confirm your submission and accept the submission statement in order for it to be submitted.
If you use an online learning log for your assignments, please simply insert the URL for your learning log into the ‘Online Text’ box. If you use a typed or non web-based log or have an essay to submit, please do so via the document upload. 

If sending by post, put your name, student number and the part/exercise number on the back of all your prints and send them to your tutor together with relevant pages from your learning log or blog url. You must still submit through this online assignment with a note to your tutor in the provided text area indicating that you have sent your work physically.

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