5. Brief


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Produce a body of work that explores a particular place, type of space or theme relating to landscape practice.

You’re free to choose the subject for this assignment, although you should be able to contextualise the project in relation to contemporary landscape practice. 

Negotiate the subject, as well as your research, technical and visual strategies, with your tutor before you start work.

The depth of your research, the scope of the development of the project and its resolution should reflect a substantial effort of independent study, as expected of students at Level 2 (HE5).

Submit your work to your tutor by whatever means and in whatever form you’ve agreed with them (e.g. book, portfolio, installation maquette or slideshow).

If your self-directed project isn’t submitted as a conventional set of prints, we suggest you include a portfolio of the photographs in addition (max A4 / 8” x 12”). This will allow assessors to evaluate the quality of your work independently of how you’ve elected to present it.

Also include:

  • An evaluation of your work (as for previous assignments).
  • An artist’s statement that professionally contextualises your work to its audience. (This may be what you produced for Exercise 5.7.)
  • Your original project proposal and your latest version of it, if applicable.

Whilst you await your tutor’s response, continue with your work on Assignment Six and begin reviewing your work for assessment.


Now is the time to take a good hard look at the assessment criteria for this course, and reflect on whether you are ready to submit for assessment.

Submitting your work

If submitting files through this Assignment activity on OCA Learn, collate the relevant material and upload to this assignment. Be sure to Confirm your submission and accept the submission statement in order for it to be submitted.
If you use an online learning log for your assignments, please simply insert the URL for your learning log into the ‘Online Text’ box. If you use a typed or non web-based log or have an essay to submit, please do so via the document upload. 

If sending by post, put your name, student number and the part/exercise number on the back of all your prints and send them to your tutor together with relevant pages from your learning log or blog url. You must still submit through this online assignment with a note to your tutor in the provided text area indicating that you have sent your work physically.

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