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Self directed Assignment

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Self directed Assignment
With reference to the areas of landscape practice explored within parts 1 -5 of this unit, produce a body of work that explores a particular place, type of space or environmental theme relating to your understanding of the landscape genre.
You’re free to choose the subject for this assignment, although you should be able to contextualise the project in relation to contemporary landscape practice as explored in this unit.
Negotiate the subject, as well as your research, technical and visual strategies, with your tutor before you start work.
The depth of your research, the scope of the development of the project and its resolution should reflect a substantial effort of independent study, as expected of students at Level 2 (HE5).
● Write a blog post on your digital outputs and submit your work to your tutor by whatever means and in whatever form you’ve agreed with them (e.g. book, portfolio, installation, maquette or slideshow).
Also include:
● An evaluation of your work (as for previous assignments).
● Your original project proposal and your latest version of it, if applicable.
Whilst you await your tutor’s response, continue with your work on Assignment Six and begin reviewing your work for assessment.
Now is the time to take a good look at the assessment criteria for this course, and reflect on whether you are ready to submit for assessment. Also, return to the first exercise you undertook for the course, considering how you now feel about the term ‘landscape’ and your initial understanding of it. Has it changed at all?

LP&E , p.191

The old Asg.6

Produce a series of images that responds to the idea of ‘transitions’ within the landscape. Work on this assignment throughout the course. Record the changes that a part of the landscape undergoes over an extended period of time. You may want to revisit a very specific view or you may choose to explore a particular part of the landscape more intuitively.
You may wish to photograph at very specific intervals (monthly, weekly, or even daily) or your routine may develop by other means. The quantity of work that you submit will depend on your particular strategy.
When completed, the assignment should address the notion that the landscape is an evolving, dynamic system. You may wish to confirm, question or subvert this assertion. Your assignment should be accompanied with a reflective commentary (minimum 300 words) on how your project developed and how or whether it has affected your ideas around landscape.