Exercise 1.4

Perspectives on the Sublime

Is it reasonable to suggest that the sublime remains a gendered concept? Are we becoming more open to questioning previously held assumptions (unconscious) about whose view w e are being asked to take?
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I found the definitions of the sublime, particularly Robert Adams, rather metaphysical for my humanist viewpoint. I suggest that the sublime is the punctum of beauty – a personal trigger that elevates the experience to a higher threshold.
It is entirely plausible that there are gendered views of the sublime, given the male gaze / female gaze controversy. The notion is undermined if sublime is regarded as an individual thing (which I do) and could only be tested by interrogating a representative sample of both men and women and mapping their individual concepts of the sublime, having developed some definitions. Nevertheless, a priori, it seems possible that there will some gender aggregation. Other dichotomies will probably be found, in addition to gender.

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